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The responsibility of employers to ensure worker safety

For the safety of your workers and to prevent devastating property/business loss, it is imperative that you are aware of your obligations under the BC Fire Code, which includes the requirements to control fire hazards and to develop and effectively implement a Fire Safety Plan.

In this section you will find a lot of useful information on how to meet your obligations, and even advice on selecting a subject matter expert (SME) to assist you with the more technical responsibilities.

Within this section
Selecting a SME

Most employers will need the assistance of a subject matter expert to assist with their Fire Safety Plan and design of their combustible dust fire/explosion controls. + READ MORE

Fire Safety Plans

In an effort to prevent fires and explosions and minimize injury and damage if they occur, building owners and occupiers are required to develop and implement an effective Fire Safety Plan conforming to the BC Fire Code. + READ MORE

Mitigation and Control

What is necessary to provide a safe and healthy workplace where controlling a combustible dust/fire explosion hazard is required. + READ MORE

External Resources

The fire/explosion hazards associated with combustible dust have been known for a long time, which means there is a wealth of information already available to assist you understand and appreciate the fire/explosion hazard of combustible dust. + READ MORE

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